The Hands Creek Harbor Property Owners Association is an incorporated not-for-profit homeowner’s association located in East Hampton, New York.  The community encompasses all 67 single family homes located on Clamshell and Scallop Avenues and the harbor side of Hands Creek Road from the intersection of Springy Banks to Three Mile Harbor.

As one of the most desirable waterfront communities in the northwest woods, homeowners and their guests enjoy the tranquility and unspoiled natural beauty of Hands Creek, Three Mile Harbor Nature Preserve, and Three Mile Harbor.  The Association owns and maintains a two acre water-side parcel of land which is available for the enjoyment of members and our guests.  It offers a footpath with access to the creek and a sitting area with an open view across the harbor.

Hands Creek and Hands Creek Road are named after John Hand, one of the original settlers.  John was the father of Stephen Hand, whose name is on an Indian deed dated 1660.  Hands Creek was the site of an old Indian campground called Ashawagh, meaning “between the forks” (of water).

This area was the favored winter grounds for the Indians because if its freshwater springs, shelter from the strong westerly winds, and abundant food sources.